Super Protocol

Most data in the world is not completely secured

There are three states that data could be in: at rest, in use, and in transit. Traditionally data was secured only when stored (at rest) or being transferred across the network (in transit) thanks to encryption technologies. The same was not true for processing (in use). An unauthorized party could still access and tamper with data at runtime. This last shortcoming of data protection must be addressed to unlock the full value of data itself.

Confidential computing

Confidential computing is the last puzzle piece in data protection. By leveraging a hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE) it allows to isolate data during the processing. Security of the TEE is based on embedded encryption keys and attestation mechanisms which guarantees that the keys could be used only by the authorized code. Intel SGX and AMD SEV technologies are two examples of the TEE implementations.


Super Protocol enables customers to superpower their data, algorithms and applications by providing a platform for active collaboration in an open, distributed and secure way. It is now possible to focus on innovation and finding synergy between vast amounts of data sources and bleeding edge technological solutions while the protocol takes care of sensitive data and intellectual property protection.


  • Unlock value of sensitive data without compromising security

  • Innovate and collaborate while protecting your intellectual property

  • Grow and scale your business with accessible computational resources

  • Eliminate concerns when choosing cloud providers

Our Projects

  • Data collaborations: Business ecosystems, Marketing and ad management, Value chain optimization, Researches, Market analytics and benchmarking

  • Joint data modeling, analytics, marketing campaigns and loyalty programs

  • Audience management, advanced ML models, analytics, BI, loyalty management

  • Secure joint calculations

Top independent retailers, telco, banks with total audience more than 80M people are working on the platform for their advertisement management, cross sales, data monetization, risk management and other scenarios